Professor James Wilkinson (Bio. of Career)

(James Leonard - called Jim) was born in Birmingham, England and educated at Clifton College, Bristol. He studied Medicine at Birmingham University and subsequently specialised in Paediatrics
and in Cardiology.









After 15 years in Liverpool, where he worked as a Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist, he moved to Melbourne as Director of Cardiology at the Royal Children's Hospital, a position that he held until 2001.

He is now "Senior Cardiologist" at the Royal Children's Hospital.

He is a Professorial fellow in the Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne.

He ceased full time practice in 2009, but continued on a regular "part time" basis until 2013, at which time his hospital colleagues organised a "surpise farewell" meeting.

He failed to take the hint that was implied by this gathering and continues to attend for teaching sessions and occasional outpatient clinics when other department members are away

He is married to Helen and has four sons.

Contact:  jim.wilkinson at
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Further Information (RCH Cardiology Dept. website)

Jim Wilkinson 2001

"Jimmy" 1947

"Jimmy" at age 10

       Since 2004 there have been several meetings with distant family members including cousins David Allison and  (William) Hugh Wilkinson.
August 2005 afforded the chance to meet up with (John) Michael Wilkinson in London and Tony (Anthony Masterton) Wilkinson in Bath.
In August 2013 Endymion Wilkinson visited Melbourne and stayed with us.

Graduation 1966

70th birthday gathering August 2013 in Ivanhoe


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